Broken to Smokin - Fitness & Holistic Nutrition

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Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0X9
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    Personal Training
    Workouts designed for you that can be done in your living room. As well as nutrition information. Always focusing on your specific goals, as well as working with injuries that you may be recovering from.

    No/Low Impact Bootcamp Classes
    These classes are very different than any other bootcamp in the city. Being someone who was highly recommended(by multiple doctors) to stay away from impact training, I was left hanging as I could not find anyone who held this type of programming on the regular for me to attend. Taking that, along with my love and passion for fitness and nutrition, i have designed classes that will have you breaking out a sweat and going from feeling Broken to Smokin. We now have a no/low impact bootcamp in GP. Become part of a community of others who are dedicated to changing their lives.

    Basics to Focus on a more Nutritionally Dense way of eating; portion sizes meant for your body. Macros tracking information. How to shift your eating habits to real food made with love , rather than food like products. Become part of a community of other like minded people looking to do the same.