McDonald's Clairmont

8301 99 Street
Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0
(780) 532-7232
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    The Canadian Numbers

    McDonald?s Canada is lucky to be part of the lives of millions of Canadians in communities across the country, helping to build a strong workforce, business partnerships and local economies.

    When both direct and indirect employment impacts are taken together, McDonald?s Canada creates more than 200,000 jobs, generating almost $4.5 billion in local annual economic activity
    We are the largest buyer of ground beef in the Canadian restaurant industry with annual purchases of more than 67 million pounds
    We contribute approximately $75 million in payroll taxes and benefits and $34 million in business taxes nationally
    Overall, McDonald?s Canada creates more than $610 million annually in taxes through the generation of new jobs and additional purchases of goods and services from other Canadian businesses
    Through our $1.5 billion annual expenditures on energy, maintenance, landscaping, operating supplies, wages and benefits, we inject approximately $4.2 million into local Canadian economies every day and $130 million in corporate income taxes annually